New 5 Tin Mini Styling Kit – Now Includes Matt Pomade

Mini Tins Uppercut Deluxe

We’ve got some pretty exciting news… We’ve now updated our Mini Styling Kit to include our latest styling product, Matt Pomade!

Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade is a water-soluble, no-shine product that provides medium hold and a light, natural finish. This must-have product provides outstanding performance for all hair types, and can be used to shape a diverse range of hairstyles, both classic and modern.

Uppercut Deluxe Mini Styling Kit

The Mini Styling Kit contains mini versions of our styling tins – it is the perfect kit for guys who need pocket-size, on the road style. The Mini Styling Kit is also the ultimate opportunity for guys to experiment with Uppercut Deluxe products and discover their signature look, without having to commit to a full-size tin.

The Other Tins

Mini Tins Uppercut Deluxe

As well as Matt Pomade, the Mini Styling Kit contains our Deluxe Pomade, Featherweight, Matt Clay and Monster Hold. So, whether you want to rock a pompadour, a quiff, a slick back or anything in between, this kit has all your grooming needs covered.

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Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade Campaign

Introducing the Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade Campaign.

To say we are excited to share the Matt Pomade campaign with you all would be an understatement. Tried and tested in Barbershops throughout the world, our newest styling product Matt Pomade has had an amazing response since its release in October 2016.

Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade

To really kick the launch into gear we wanted to create a supporting lifestyle campaign to show the product in use and showcase its versatility.

Enter Uppercut Deluxe ambassador JJ Wessels with friends Mason Dyer and Jordan Slaybaugh. Three awesome guys from Southern California with three different hairstyles – the perfect candidates for the campaign.

Matt Pomade Campaign

Truth be told, we could point a camera at these guys in pretty much any setting and come away with some cool looking footage. But JJ had something up his sleeve that would turn this into arguably our biggest and best shoot to date.

Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade

JJ’s skills don’t just stop at surfing. It turns out one of the best nose-riders in the world also likes to tinker on cars. And, as it happens, in 2015 JJ and friend Brian Bent had built a 1920’s style racer. The ‘Erskine’ (as it was named) needed a little TLC to get it ‘up to speed,’ but after some minor repairs and a newly fitted body, (salvaged from a 1920 Studebaker President), the ‘Erskine’ was reborn. The good luck continued when Mason suggested we also used his 1928 Model A Ford Roadster.

Matt Pomade Campaign

The rest of the narrative kind of wrote itself. We could go on, but why not just watch the clip….


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For a limited time only, when you purchase a minimum of two tins from our styling range you will receive an Uppercut Deluxe Soap and Bamboo Toothbrush for free. No discounts codes or terms and conditions that you read with a magnifying glass necessary – just add at least 2 tins to your shopping cart, head to the checkout and we’ll do the rest.

Our range of styling products has something for everybody – whether you like to wear a high and tight slick back, a natural textured style or anything in between, we’ve got the product to suit and shape your style.

Uppercut Tins

The Free Stuff

What’s so good about our Goats Milk Soap and our Bamboo Toothbrush? Well. First of all, these are 2 grooming basics that every respectable gentleman should have in his grooming collection, so we thought we’d do you a favour and give you them for free.

goats milk soap

Our Goats Milk + Oatmeal Soap is made from the finest natural ingredients – meaning it will leave your skin moisturised, clean and soothed without unnecessary fragrances, additives or ‘skin perfecting magical crystals’ (or whatever is the rage these days). It’s soap like soap should be.

Uppercut Wooden Toothbrush

Our Bamboo Toothbrush is great for your teeth and friendly to the environment. It also looks really cool. What more do you want from a toothbrush?


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Uppercut Deluxe Welcomes Jim Buster Culling

Uppercut Deluxe is proud to introduce our first UK-based lifestyle ambassador Jim ‘Buster’ Culling.

Jim is a UK native, born in the north of London in the early 90’s. A mechanic by trade, you could say he’s a hard-working blue collar Brit (Which he is) , but Jim’s true persona reflects some very different influences to your standard English ‘Lad’.

His father; a mechanic and tire fitter who worked with the British Formula 3000, raised Jim on U.S Motoring movie classics like ‘The Wild One’, and ‘Two Lane Black Top’. Jim Recalls the moment his parents played him the Bruce Springsteen song ‘Racing in The Streets’ as the exact moment in time he knew he wanted to spin wrenches and tires for life.

Jim Buster Culling Uppercut Deluxe

Influenced heavily by the Californian Hot Rod and Muscle Car scene of the 1950’s, Jim has a genuine passion for the American classics, and it shows in not only his work and hobbies but also in his classic style; trading ‘trainers’ for Redwing boots, football jerseys for vintage bomber jackets and the typically English ‘Yardy’ Haircut for the Cali-inspired classic short back and sides haircut.

Jim Buster Culling Uppercut Deluxe

His current project: A Rover P6B, an undeniably British looking car, Americanized with a Buick 4.9 Liter V8 which is a rarity in Britain. V8’s we phased out in the UK in the 1970’s due to rising fuel prices, and as a result, the V8 circles that Jim moves in are a tight knit underground movement  of devout fanatics who often descend upon Santa Pod Raceway, a drag strip in Wellingborough between Birmingham and London.

Jim Buster Culling Uppercut Deluxe

Two wheels or four, Jim doesn’t discriminate and although he’s currently without a motorcycle he has owned two BSA’s, a Triumph and recently parted ways with a beautiful 1942 Harley Davidson WLA Flat Head.


Jim’s love of bygone eras extends beyond motoring nostalgia and into his tattoos, the majority of which are inspired by the 40’s Bowery Tattoo era from the five points in New York.  ‘Born To Hang’ however has homegrown heritage and Jim says can relate to either: a quote by  notorious 1950’s London Gangsters the Kray Twins, or the Morrissey song ‘Born to Hang’. We’re not sure which option is more dark… but both are in stark contrast to Jim’s happy go lucky persona and we are stoked to him on board as Uppercut Deluxe’s first UK Lifestyle Ambassador.

Jim Buster Culling Uppercut Deluxe

Welcome to the Family Jim.




Uppercut Deluxe Welcomes TJ Guzzardi

We’d like to welcome our first official lifestyle ambassador for 2017… TJ Guzzardi!

For anyone not already familiar with him; TJ is a Melbourne-based artist. His craft? Traditional sign writing (think barbershop signs from the 1950s). Along with his wife L’Amour (a burlesque dancer and costume designer) and two kids, TJ spends most of his time at his Tullamarine studio, where he creates custom designed lettering and hand painted vintage-style signs for all kinds of clients – cafes, bars, tattoo parlours and, of course, barbershops.

TJ first picked up a brush at 15, after being inspired by the old-time lifestyle of his hotrod-loving family. Since then, TJ has worked tirelessly to master his craft, and he is now well known for his unique designs, artistic talent and commitment to hard work.

TJ Guzzardi

His medium? Well, TJ can turn anything into a piece of art. In fact, council collection is his favourite time of year, because it’s when he finds the majority of his canvases. Motorcycle helmets, rusty saws, wooden boards, suitcases, milk jugs… anything with vintage appeal. And, of course, he is also well versed in more traditional work like pinstriping cars and bikes.

TJ Guzzardi

TJ has been a friend of the brand for years, painting interest pieces for events and promotions and he recently featured in the Mini Styling campaign video. We thought it was about time we officially welcomed him into the Uppercut Deluxe family as a full-time lifestyle ambassador, so you can expect to see a lot more of him and his craftsmanship from now on.

TJ Guzzardi Uppercut Deluxe

We love TJ’s work, his appreciation for everything timeless, his commitment, his style and, let’s face it, his incredible moustache.

TJ takes an old craft and infuses it with a modern sensibility – much like the ethos of the Uppercut Deluxe brand – and we can’t think of anyone better than TJ to represent the Uppercut Deluxe lifestyle.

TJ Guzzardi

Welcome to the family TJ!