How To Cut A Skin Fade With Combover

Not to be confused with the ‘style of denial’ used by balding men to hide thinning hair. The traditional Combover dates back to the early 1900’s and is a simple evolution of the short back and sides. Categorized by a longer length of hair which is swept over the top section of the head and cropped tightly above a faded bottom section. In this particular style the fade is taken down to the skin at the base of the hairline and finished off with a straight razor to complete the bald fade.

How To Cut A Skin Fade With Combover

Ambassador Shane Nesbitt walks you through the process of how to achieve the perfect Bald Fade with Combover. Shane’s meticulous technique breaks down the fade into a small incremental steps and numerous clipper changes to ensure a flawless gradient. Shane then finishes the top section of the hair, using thinning shears and clipper over comb technique to shape and tidy the top section before styling with our Deluxe Pomade. The Deluxe Pomade provides hold and structure and ensures the length on top of the hair is kept in place for that long lasting, polished and finished style.

Why Choose Uppercut Deluxe Pomade?

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is the perfect choice for styling and holding the Combover in place. The strong hold formula will maintain control all day and provide definition without the heavy or greasy effect of traditional pomades.

What you will need

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade – Rub a generous amount of Pomade between your hands and then work it through hair, building the amount as necessary.
Uppercut Deluxe Black Comb – Use the comb to form the general shape of the hairstyle prior to cutting and before styling.
- Uppercut Deluxe Quiff Roller – Provides volume and shape to the comb over.
- Uppercut Deluxe Shaving Cream – Moisturise and protect the neck before during the straight razor finish.
- Barber’s Scissors – Always have sharp barber’s scissors that suit your cutting style.
- Barber’s Clippers –  Tidy loose hairs around the sides and neckline with small clippers.
- Barber Straight Razor – Used to finish the haircut at the base of the hairline and complete the skin fade.

Wholesaler Application

Uppercut Deluxe was made for barbers, by barbers, so we know what you need. All of our waxes have been specially formulated to provide barbers with the best styling products on the market. If you’re considering Uppercut Deluxe for your barbershop, please contact us here.

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