High and Tight Slick Back – Step By Step Instructions

If you’ve been wondering how to nail an epic slick back using Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold, you’re in the right place.

As part of our How to: Grooming series, this guide will give you all the information you need in order to achieve a great, classic style in your own time. These step-by-step image will give you all the detail you need to get the most from your hair cut, as well as letting you get the best from your Uppercut Deluxe products.

How To Style a High and Tight Slick Back

Using Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold, scoop a generous amount of product onto your finger

Smooth and spread the product evenly across your palms and fingers


Start by applying product to your top section using your palms, working from front to back


If required, use your fingertips to rake product through your hair


Using the wide teeth on an Uppercut Deluxe Comb, start by combing front to back

Finally, use your other hand to press your style into place



Before you even think about putting product through your hair, take some time to make sure you have the right style and that your hair is cut well by your barber. Ask your barber to cut a symmetrical style, going high and tight with a short blade clipper.

Also make sure you get a good fade into the longer section on the top – make sure you leave enough length on the top, so that you have enough hair left over to actually slick back something. There is nothing worse than seeing a slick back with short hairs poking through.

What you will need

- Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold
- Uppercut Deluxe Tortoiseshell comb

Did you know?

Barbers were paid more than surgeons in the UK until the 1800’s? Danny DeVito is a qualified hairdresser? That it is illegal in Elkhart, Indiana for a barber to jokingly threaten to cut off a youngster’s ear? That Barbers are not allowed to eat onions between 7am and 7pm in Waterloo, Nebraska?