How To Cut A Side Part Pomp

Without doubt the signature look of the 1950’s, the ‘Pomp’ is an iconic style that tells a story about an entire generation. At least that’s what you think. The Pompadour actually dates back to when hair styling first became the norm for guys to show off and ‘court’ young lasses – during the post war 1940’s era, where pop culture started to make an impression.

How To Cut A Side Part Pomp Video Tutorial

Uppercut Deluxe Barber Ambassador Tommy J cuts and styles a side part pomp, which is finished off with Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold. Learn the tricks of the trade to achieve the best fades and textured top sections, while learning how to get best results using Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold on your clients’ hair.



Why choose Uppercut Monster Hold

Uppercut Monster hold is designed to keep every hair on your head in place. It’s petroleum based, which means it lasts for a long time, and spreads easily with a little bit of heat. If you want to cut a Side Part Pompadour with limited movement, this is the product you need.

Give it a whirl. You might just like it.

What you will need

Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold - This wax gives extreme hold and allows you to lock that style in place. For extra work-ability, heat the surface of the product gently with a hair dryer, then spread evenly from palm to fingertips
Quiff roller - Create height with a Side Part Pomp by using a Quiff Roller in from root to tip toward the side of your pomp
Comb - Use the comb to form the general shape of the hairstyle prior to cutting.
- Barber’s scissors – Always have sharp barber’s scissors that suit your cutting style. That will make it easier to cut a Side Part Pomp.
- Barber’s clippers – Tidy loose hairs around the sides and neckline with small clippers.

Wholesaler Signup

Uppercut Deluxe was made for barbers, by barbers, so we know what you need. All of our waxes have been specially formulated to provide barbers with the best styling products on the market. If you’re considering Uppercut Deluxe for your barbershop, please contact us here.

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