How To Style A Side Part Pomp

Watch our man show you how to recreate that barber shop Side Part look in your own home. This insight will show you the best techniques to work the Monster Hold through your hair to achieve an epic Side Part Pomp.

Learn the tricks of the trade to nail a classic style. Familiarise yourself with the steps in the video then give it a bash



Don’t be shy to ask your barber for advice on how to keep your style looking god for days after you get a fresh cut. He knows style and hair after all. This style works with a good quality fade using short clippers. The height in the top section is down to your preference, but make sure you lock in height along your fringe to make sure you look sharp.

Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold is the perfect product for this style – with grip and a polished finish, there is nothing finer.

What you will need for the Side Part Pomp

- Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold
- Quiff roller
- Comb

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