How To Style A Skin Fade With Combover

Having issues mastering your Combover? Well this video is for you. Forming part of our How to: Grooming series this video will provide handy tricks and tips to achieve the ultimate style for your Skin Fade with Combover using Uppercut Deluxe – Deluxe Pomade

How to Style A Skin Fade with Combover

Like any good style, the best starting point is of course a good cut from a trusted Barber. If you haven’t already found your go-to Barber then get out there and find him or her.

Ask your Barber for a skin fade or bald fade finished off with a straight razor. For the Combover it is important that your Barber leaves a good amount of length on top of the hair to ensure you can style accordingly. Length throughout the whole top section of the hair will allows for the Combover look and naturally slightly more length is required through the fringe to style correctly. Sound like the style you’ve been looking for? Then grab some Deluxe Pomade today.

What you will need

- Uppercut Deluxe Pomade
- Uppercut Deluxe Black Comb

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