There’s nothing worse than razor-burn on your neck or head. So we’ve developed the solution: a shave cream and a moisturiser that look after your skin. Now you can get a close shave without the fuss. Easy, right?

Our range of shaving products is a saving grace for anyone who wants to maintain a close shave without the usual discomfort that comes with the daily routine. Plus, it kind of ruins your ‘do when you’ve got visible razor burn.

Light on fragrance, full of nourishing goodness, and made from a non-greasy formula, both the Uppercut Deluxe Shave Cream and After Shave Moisturiser are cream-based to leave you silky smooth and feeling fresh. Which is a great place to start in the morning, before you work out what kind of style you’re rocking that day.

Shaving doesn’t have to be tricky with the right products on your side. The perfect combination of eucalyptus oil and coconut oil will help to control blemishes and spots, without any harsh treatments. You’ll be well groomed and know that you’re looking after your skin.