SB Barbering Academy is located in Sunderland, in the North of England. Concentrating on traditional cutting techniques and incorporating them with modern barbering, the Academy is dedicated to creating a generation of highly skilled and passionate barbers.

The Academy is run by Vikki Smith, a veteran of the ‘Old School’ with over 20 years in the industry. Vikki does more than just keep up with the best of them but trains them too. She is personally dedicated to raising the standard of freshly qualified and seasoned barbers alike, making her the perfect fit as an Uppercut Deluxe Education Ambassador.

The operation started out as a one woman show, Vikki had envisioned a program that taught the art of barbering the right way – with hands on experience. Students are thrown into the deep end and are treated as Shop staff from the moment they walk through the door. This allows students to not only learn how to cut, but also puts emphasis on the service that the barbering trade centres around.

Though, it isn’t just fresh barbers that the Academy caters for. With Advanced Technique, Cut Throat Shave and Fade workshops on offer, the SB Barbering Academy supports barbers of all skill levels, from novice to pros.

From humble beginnings and through the hard work and dedication of Vikki and her team, SB Barbering Academy has snowballed into what it is today, a buzzing hub for the barbering community.

It was for these reasons that Uppercut Deluxe jumped at the chance to form a partnership. After hearing about Vikki and the Academy, it was recognised as an opportunity to give back to the trade and ensure its future through the support of quality barbers.


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Signature Style

Vikki has traditional roots and a deep love for old school style. Though, in true fashion, she makes the classics unique adding modern flare to her styling. Vikki has some tricks up her sleeve and knows how to get the most out of the styling products, from using Easy Hold as a pre-styling product to mixing Featherweight and Deluxe, she can do it all.

Time with Uppercut Deluxe

SB Barbering Academy and Uppercut Deluxe officially partnered in May 2016. Since then all the students that pass through the college have been given the opportunity to use the full range Uppercut Deluxe products, learning how to best use them on their clients.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?

SB Barbering Academy provides the opportunity to students to learn in a proper environment, with real clients using the best products available. Vikki fell in love with the brand after stumbling across Deluxe Pomade, which she calls ‘Heaven in a Tin’.

Vikki & SB Barbering Academy’s Videos: