Chase Stopnik is always up to something. Not only does he run the famous motorcycle restoration garage Cycle Zombies alongside his cousins and uncle, he also engraves metal, paints signs, surfs, skates and plays rock ‘n’ roll. He’s always up for a laugh or a creative project.

Find him: Hanging out with his cousins in their local, family owned Cycle Zombies garage in Costa Mesa, California.

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About Chase: Chase is combining all the good things life into a daily routine that just works. He’s known for creating his own freedom, choosing his own path and kicking it at whatever he does, whether that’s skating, surfing, building something, creating art or just hanging out with his family and friends. He designs t-shirt graphics for Cycle Zombies, and works closely with his cousins and uncle to run the family business, which is the coolest bike restoration garage around.

Signature style: Easy, laidback and controlled hair. A haircut doesn’t have to be fancy to be stylish.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?

“Uppercut Deluxe is a rad company and we’re stoked to have quality grooming products to use after getting out of the water or a long day in the garage. For us, the product is an easy fit, you just pack a can of Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hair, Deluxe Pomade, toothbrush and comb in your pocket and hit the road, as you never know when you’re going to need to look sharp,” Chase says. “For us, if you look good, you feel good, and who doesn’t want that?”

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