Turk Stopnik is part of the legendary Stopnik family that brought us Cycle Zombies garage. It all started with a blog, and now the guys have a global audience for their motorcycle restoration skills and sweet garage set up. Turks passion for motorcycles is matched by his love of skating and surfing, and he’s created a name for himself by doing all three things.

Find him: With his brothers in their local, family owned Cycle Zombies garage at Costa Mesa, California.

Follow him on Instagram: @turkstopnik

Check out the website: http://cyclezombies.com/

Check out the blog: http://www.czombieblog.com/

About Turk: If you asked Turk to choose between surfing and skating, he couldn’t do it. And why would he want to when he can (and does) both every day? Oh, and he likes to play drums – in case he didn’t have enough going on already. Turk rebuilds old motorcycles with his family, which is only fitting given that he put a motor in his beach cruiser at just 13 or 14 years of age, and never looked back.

Signature style: Turk keeps his locks long, and impresses with a well-groomed beard and moustache.

Why Uppercut Deluxe?

Turk is all things Uppercut Deluxe – relaxed, a vintage enthusiast, lover of the surf and skate cultures and keen to rep a fantastic brand. Embodying Californian culture, Turks an inspiration to those seeking their own path.

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