Deluxe pomade combo kit christmas

Christmas Shopping?

Yep. It’s that time of year again.

We know how stressful finding the right gift can be, so we’ve made it easy. Our Deluxe Pomade Combo Kit is the ultimate Christmas present for guys who like to rock traditional hairstyles like side parts, slickbacks or pompadours.

Our Pomade Combo Kit includes a tin of Uppercut Deluxe Pomade, Uppercut Deluxe Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner, a Tortoise Shell Comb and a collectable tin to house these products. We know guys and we know style, and this Combo Kit includes everything a gentleman needs to keep his look in shape.

About Our Combo Kit Products

Deluxe Pomade

Before we created Deluxe Pomade, we had the realisation that existing products just didn’t cut it for many styles. Some products were too greasy, others dried out. Some were too heavy, while others didn’t hold shape. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade was our solution – it holds hair perfectly and gives the definition and shine that classic styles need to look great. Deluxe Pomade is water-based, so it washes out easily and won’t leave ugly residue.

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Everyday Shampoo

Everyday Shampoo leaves hair clean, fresh and ready to style without hassle. This Shampoo is formulated for daily use and it prepares hair for the best possible styling results. Infused with licorice and menthol, our Everyday Shampoo invigorates hair and scalp while the light lather hydrates hair without making it limp. For the best styling results, Everyday Shampoo should be used in conjunction with our Conditioner.

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Everyday Conditioner

Everyday Conditioner is a light and hydrating product that is formulated to moisturise and protect men’s hair without leaving it limp. Our Conditioner is infused with olive leaf extract, which invigorates and soothes men’s hair and leaves it clean, fresh and smelling great. For best results, Everyday Conditioner should be used after Uppercut Deluxe Everyday Shampoo.

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Tortoise Shell Comb

Our CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb is an easy-to-use, pocket-sized comb that performs well across a range of hair lengths, types and styles. This Comb can be used with Uppercut Deluxe styling products to create a wide range of styles, and the different teeth widths make styling both long and short hair easy.

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