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We’re offering a free CB5 Comb with any Style Tin purchase! All you need to do is add one of our styling tins to your cart and then enter the code FREECOMB. The CB5 will be added to your basket completely free of charge!

This promotion only lasts until 8am on Monday (the 31st July), so get in quick!

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Our CB5 Comb

The CB5 performs well across a range of different hair types, styles and lengths. The Comb is pocket-size, easy to use and has two different teeth widths, so maintaining timeless style (for long or short hair) has never been simpler.

Use our CB5 Comb in conjunction with your favourite Uppercut Deluxe styling products and you never know where the results will take you.

If you need a comb that will keep you looking great all day, the CB5 Comb is your perfect match.

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