Earlier in the month, we went down to Associated Barber College in downtown San Diego. The purpose of our visit was to hold a cut class for the students at the barber college. We brought our ambassador Ron Talley to teach the class and provide the students with an opportunity to learn a thing or two from the man himself.

Turns out that a few of the students were already well aware of Mr. Talley and his talents. One of the students volunteered himself as a model for the cut class and he gave Ron free reign to do whatever he felt like.

Ron asked the students what they would like to see, and the answer was a resounding, “skin fade!”. So, Ron fired up his clippers and got to work. Over the next hour, Ron took the students step by step through the cut while pointing out his own techniques that he uses for that cut. To quote Ron, “there are a lot of wrong ways to cut hair, but there is no one right way to cut hair.”

That statement speaks volumes to Ron’s approach when cutting hair. He uses a lot of techniques that he has picked up over the years. Not all of them were things that he learned in a class room, but through trial and error behind the chair. This was really inspiring for the students to hear. It gave them that sense of freedom to take the tools that they are getting every day sitting in the classroom and tailor them to what works best for them as an individual.

Ron also told them his story of how he came to be a barber. From working construction, to moving to Nashville, to coming back to southern California and opening Electric Barbershop; his story goes to show that hard work and patience pays off. He then answered questions about the practicality of owning a business and running a barbershop. Overall, the students left the classroom that day having learned what it means to be a barber through and through.

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