This is the ultimate ‘sidewalk slicker’. The deck has been custom shaped and designed to get you from A to B with some curb crushing in between. Using a quality Canadian Maple 7 ply veneer, we’ve left the top and bottom natural with . The deck is 9” x 32” with a 15” wheel base and kept natural on the top and bottom, with a red centre veneer. There’s only 150 of these available worldwide, so you’ll have to be quick to get one under your feet.


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Item #: UPDSD0016


‘Torn from the tomb to terrorize the streets’. Being one of our favorite graphics, we wanted to bring Groomzilla  back to life in a rad way, just for our loyal followers. This is an extremely limited capsule drop with a small run of products globally, available exclusively through the Uppercut Deluxe website.

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