This How to Style will provide all the tips you need to add a modern take to a timeless classic. With the help of Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold Vikki Smith, of SB Barbering Academy, is able to achieve the perfect Loose Pomp.

The Pomp is a classic style that has come right back into fashion of late, generally paired with a tight taper or skin fade. Though, Vikki pays further tribute to the old school finishing the cut off with a D.A. The D.A stands for Duck’s Arse and gets its name because the sides and back are pushed towards the centre in what resembles a Duck’s Behind.

Vikki shows off her product knowledge once again by applying Easy Hold while the hair is damp, before she begins styling. Adding Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold as a pre-styling product helps keep the structure of the style as you work. Once ready, Vikki finishes the style off with a little more Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold for the added volume, texture and ensure all hair is kept neat and tidy.

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What You'll Need

  • Easy Hold

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