Messy & Loose Top with Curls:

What to ask for in the barbershop: To get the perfect Messy & Loose Top with Curls ask your barber to scissor cut the top, back and sides, leaving plenty of length throughout. Explain that you like to wear your style messy, a little textured and not too controlled, with your curls a little defined. Your barber might suggest they use thinning shears if you have particularly thick hair.

Ideal hair type: Particularly good for medium-thick hair and for those with a natural curl to their hair. Good if you’re thinning or don’t like wearing your hair neat and controlled all the time. Hair length needs to be a little longer for this style to work.

Styled with: Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight

How to recreate at home: Start with dry hair, having let your hair dry naturally without a dryer or too much towelling. Scoop a generous amount of Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight and spread evenly across both hands – fingers and palms.

Start by massaging product gently into the root sections of the hair with your fingertips, then continuing to piece individual curls with your fingers to add definition. Once you start to run out of product on your fingers, re-rub your hands together to spread product to your fingers again.

Finally, use your fingertips to lift your fringe and rake through from front to back. Be careful not to flatten your style as you go.

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