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Like the idea of a slick-back? Don’t like the idea of having something super slick and neat? Want something you can wear everyday and rock in your own individual way? Then look no further! You’re in the right place!

The Messy Undercut Hairstyle with a Slick Back is a modern classic – bringing together the best technical haircut with one of the most innovative products in the barbering world – this undercut hairstyle is one you can wear every day. It’s also versatile enough to be adapted to suit your mood. Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay is the product of choice for this epic style.

As part of our How to: Grooming series, this guide will give you the information you need in order to achieve a great, classic style in your own home. These step-by-step images will give you all the detail you need to get the most from your hair cut, as well as letting you get the best from your Uppercut Deluxe products.

Before you even think about putting product through your hair, take some time to make sure you have the right style and that your hair is cut well by your barber. Ask your barber to cut a symmetrical style, going high and tight with a short blade clipper. Also make sure you get a good fade right up to your part line on both sides – make sure you leave enough length on the top, so that you have enough hair left over to actually slick back something. There is nothing worse than seeing a slick back with short hairs poking through.

Did you know?

A bit of barber trivia……Barbering was introduced to Rome by the Greek colonies in Sicily in 296 B.C., and barber shops quickly became very popular centers for daily news and gossip. A morning visit to the tonsor became a part of the daily routine, as important as the visit to the public baths, and a young man’s first shave (tonsura) was an essential part of his coming of age ceremony.

Anyway… we hope enjoy messing around with this undercut hairstyle. Check out our other step-by-step guides.

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Step 1

Using Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay, scoop a generous amount of product onto your finger

Step 2

Smooth and spread the product across your fingers

Step 3

Start by lifting your fringe section to get height, before roughly setting the shape of your finished style

Step 4

Use your palms to set your style. Make sure your pay attention along both sides to get definition

Step 5

Use your fingertips to rake product through your hair

Step 6

Finally, use both hands to smooth your style into place and take care of any fly always

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