Needing help in lifting the quiff?

Well this video is for you. Forming part of our How to: Grooming series this video will provide handy tricks and tips to achieve the ultimate style for your Modern textured Quiff and styling it Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay.

All good styles start in the Barbershop. A good cut from a talented barber will ensure you are looking your best, and continue to look good as the haircut grows out. Ask your barber for a Modern Textured Quiff, and for them to fade the side and back of the head. To blend the top with the back and sides, most Barbers will use a clipper over comb technique. To ensure texture throughout the top section of hair your barber will use a point cutting technique. Sound like the style you’ve been looking for? Then grab some Matt Clay today.

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What You'll Need

  • Matte Clay

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