How to Grooming: Textured Side Part

The next installment in our How to: Grooming series shows you how to achieve a light and textured hairstyle known as a Textured Side Part, using Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight. These step-by-step images will give you the know how to achieve a great style. Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight is perfect for the guy who likes to know his look stays sharp all day.

A good hairstyle starts in the barbershop. Ensure you find a barber you trust to achieve your desired look. Ask your barber to use clipper over comb for texture around your back and sides. Leave some length on the top following a scissor cut.

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Step 1

Using Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight, scoop a generous amount of product onto your finger

Step 2

Smooth and spread the product evenly across your palms and fingers

Step 3

Start by applying product to your short side, followed by your top section away from your part line

Step 4

Using your fingers, lift your top section from your fringe backwards

Step 5

Using an Uppercut Deluxe Comb, start by lifting your fringe section and combing backwards.

Step 6

Next, comb your sides into place and form your parting

Step 7

Finally, use your hands to smooth your style into shape and tend to any loose hairs

What You'll Need

  • Featherweight

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